This album has an incredible amount of meaning for me.  There are multiple ideas and concepts at work here and the music was written and arranged over a 15 year period.  The major driving force behind putting together this music was my relationships with my friends.  I'm not sure how it works in the corporate world, or other major careers out there, but some of my oldest and closest friends are also my colleagues.  I'm lucky enough to "work" with my friends on a nightly basis.  A lot of the people that I became friends with back in music school are still my friends, and are still making music with me.  My idea was to only use musicians on the record that are people that I've always made music with.  At the end of the day, for me, an exceptional musician is not enough.  After and during the gig, I want to be able to laugh with them, talk about music with them, and make them a part of the family!  This idea also spilled into the production of the CD itself.  Every person, from the producing, graphic design, to the photos, I know personally.  So many times in the music business, you play a whole gig and you never meet the other musicians.  Or you make a CD, and you send the tracks away to be mixed and you never even shake the persons hand.  I really loved the idea that every person involved has shared a physical interaction with me. READ MORE



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